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this is one of the best places I have ever rented from. after reading the other reviews I feel as though they were either really high maintenance people or had never actually worked a day in their life. the rent is very fair for what you get although higher in price, I live in cherry hill for a year and any complaint I had or help I needed was taken care of very quickly and professionally, they started a really strict no smoking policy which they enforced even to the point where i was encouraged to help them catch anyone breaking the rules and if they had enough proof they would evict the tenants. The apartments themselves were very well maintained I only ever needed help once with my water heater which was fixed the same day within the hour after calling. management is super friendly and is willing somewhat to work with you on rent if you're going to be a few days late never once did i have to pay a late fee due to me waiting for a paycheck just had to talk to the office and ask for permission to be a few days late and they were fine with it all time i asked. Gigabit internet is included in the cost of rent (mandatory entertainment fee) however on regular speed tests I would get around 950Mbps both upload and download and as a content creator talk about the dream all in all i highly recommend living here its a fun place to live they keep the grounds clean and if people are not obeying the rules take pictures and report them and THINGS WILL GET DONE


Since the new office staff has taken over, as well as new vendors cherry hill has come a long way from when I moved in... they've added security, the new office staff is friendly and quick to address any issues maintenance issues are handled promptly and professionally!


I have now been a resident here for 3 months and was making my move to Utah from out of the state. Jackie, the property manager was so helpful and patient with me throughout the whole process. The apartment was in perfect condition when I had arrived for my move in. While living here I have been very happy and comfortable with my surroundings and the management :) Such a great place!



4 Stars only because Jacci is here and she cares for the tenents not just the money in the owners pockets. Many concerns and issues over the 2 years of residence on the property. We stay to maintain some stability for our boys whom have been moved aroubd allot due to work. Most neigbors are good people trying to do the same. Have felt there are people selling drugs. It's unfortunate but it's in any city... Pretty much... People like Jacci make the terrible bareable. She's striving to make Cherry Hill a safe, clean, fun place to raise a family. They've done activities for the communities kids, had contests to improve morale, new maintenance team members are gentlemen. Good things beginning to happen. Thank God for good people and good changes.




Love the management. They are so sweet.


I currently live here. There's things that could be better. Rent is high, however that's how it is all over the county. I like we can have pets. The older Apts need to be updated a bit. New appliances would be nice. Bathrooms are extremely tiny in the vintage apts. This is a quiet area. I'm in a 2 bedroom. I like the openness in the living area. I keep to myself. I've never been scared to walk around at night. Management is great.


We really enjoy living here. The apartments are modern and the location is perfect. We can walk to the mall nearby , restaurants, the movie theater. The indoor pool really sold us on this property, however it doesn't seem opetable during the times for our busy schefule. Internet is awesome for our lifestyle. Maintenence response is rapid for the only 2 requests we have had in over a year. We highly recommend Cherry Hill.


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